Himalayan Health and Healing


 Himalayan salt products are known for many benefits:

  •  Increasing energy levels and mood. 
  •  Purified air—reducing allergens and coughing.
  •  Better sleep-wake up feeling rested and revitalized.
  •  Neutralized electro-magnetic radiation from electronic devices   (computers, cell phones etc.)
  •  Reduced impact of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and alleviated symptoms associated with depression.
  •  Calmness and improved concentration.

You know that incredible sense of rejuvenation that comes from a day at the beach, breathing in the natural salty air?  Many of our customers report exactly this experience when they bring our Himalayan Salt products into their homes and offices.


How do Himalayan Salt products provide these benefits?

Our space is generally overrun with positive ions from all the electronic devices that have become standard to our living in the 21st century. They zap our body’s energy and leave us feeling fatigued and far from our best. Himalayan salt lamps  generate negative ions which counteract the positive ions, improving the quality of air, strengthening your sense of wellness and giving you boosts in energy and mood.

Most importantly, Himalayan salt lamps are known to purify the air through hygroscopy, which means that they attract allergens such as dust and pollen and trap them, thereby purifying the air. Himalayan salt products are considered so effective in clearing the air that there are even salt lamp inhalers that are becoming more and more popular for those with asthma and other breathing conditions.

Salt therapy, or Halotherapy is quickly becoming popular around the world as people seek alternatives to pharmaceuticals to treat ailments of daily living.  Salt caves are popping up in cities and communities across the United States for just this reason!  Bring the benefits right into your home or your work space and begin to enjoy the experience of feeling better each and every day.