About Us

At Salt Lamp King, we believe in holistic, natural healing for you and your family.   We sell the therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt caves so that you can bring healing and health into your home, your office and your world. Made of 100% Himalayan Salt, our products are ethically-sourced, high quality and will transform your home and space. We passionately believe that delivering high quality products is fundamental to the success of the every company.

We are totally committed to understand and meet the needs and expectations of all of our customers which is why we provide world class service.  If you have a question, we respond promptly.  If you need assistance figuring out what products will benefit you, we offer customized support.  You can email us at: thesaltlampking@gmail.com or call (516) 761-0341 if you need specialized assistance. 

Customer satisfaction is achieved by offering the best quality goods and services.  This is why the continued pursuit of excellence and happy customers are paramount to our core values. 

At Salt Lamp King, we treat our customers with full integrity and always support an ongoing mutual relationship--not just take and receive.  We know our customers are the "salt of the earth" and we are grateful to share this journey towards wellness together.