Ocean-Front Benefits on the Inside

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It's funny how sometimes something that's good for the outside of us--is also great for us on the inside! By way of example, you don't drink the ocean on a hot summer day, but spending time bathing and playing in the waves is good for your skin, your blood pressure and your overall wellness.

When it comes to "salt therapy" also known as halo-therapy, the benefits to our insides and outsides have been documented and practiced in Europe for years. Empirical evidence was first identified in 1843 in Poland and soon after in Germany, when actual improvement in respiration was observed for patients who were in the vicinity of "salt air."

My company, Salt Lamp King was created because as a Yoga teacher, I often had clients ask me for tools to relax, breathe better and de-stress in their homes. In our home, I had begun to use Salt Lamp therapy and the results were outstanding. The air in our home simply felt different and our experience of allergies were almost immediately reduced. Friends who visited shared how relaxed they felt in our home and most left having to purchase one for their own bedroom, living room or favorite space. With a beautiful campfire peachy glow these lamps were a hit when my clients began to use them. Not only can they purify the air but they also are beautiful and relaxing, creating and honoring the concept of living and loving your home.

So what is it that happens when you bring salt lamps into your home? First of all, it purifies the air, releasing negative ions to contrast the positive ions in your home. This means that allergens and impurities are reduced in the air and you can simply breathe easier. Remember summertime? You go to the beach and you take a deep breathe and every cell in your body responds happily? Bring it home. That's what SaltLampKing.com provides.

Research shows that Salt Lamps also help people who suffer from Insomnia or poor sleep. The lighting is very gentle and creates a calmness that makes these a very popular gift for nurseries and new moms and dads.

People who suffer from anxiety and depression also report positive benefits from salt lamps leading Psychologists and holistic healing centers to now incorporate salt lamps into their practice. It's also why many people are seeking out Salt caves, but of course, the benefits of visiting one aren't long lasting because it's just a one-time visit. Salt Lamps in your home or office, on the other hand, provide ongoing benefits every day. You deserve those benefits.

In a world in which medicine is provided for every symptom you report, its an incredible thing to find a natural solution to improve your wellness. Salt Lamps are that natural solution--its nothing new in Europe and the benefits are now creating a momentum here in the United States where the achievement of true health and wellness are so valued.
Visit us at www.saltlampking.com and bring the many benefits of halotherapy to your home!
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