Let the Salt of the Earth become the Light of Your Life

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In the early 1900's, fluorescent lighting came on the scene--later adorning offices across America.  An intrusive, bright light, fluorescent lighting is associated with migraines and other negative side effects making it an option of the past.  Enter Himalayan Salt Lamps.  Gentle, ambient light provides for improved concentration, calmness and focus.  Purifying the air, increasing energy and improving mood, Himalayan Salt lamps are the perfect addition to your office space. Imagine an office space that upon entry greeted you with good feeling and a sense of healing.  Unlike the frenetic feeling of imposing fluorescent lighting, imagine a workspace that had a glowing light that was counteracting the electromagnetic energy coming from your cell phones and computers.  It's not only possible, it's an easy opportunity for improved wellness: Himalayan Salt lamps.  You deserve a healthy workspace and the time has truly come to let the salt of the earth become the light of your life--or at least--the light of your office!
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