Inflammation Be Gone!

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Are you one of millions of Americans who struggle with inflammation from autoimmune challenges, arthritis or simply from the fatigue of moving through life at a frenetic pace?  Hot stone lamps and healing hearts are made of 100% Himalayan salt and offer the opportunity for you to enjoy hot stone massages from the comfort of your own home.  Used in the traditional sense, they offer incredible relief for those struggling from back and neck pain.  The warmth of the salt crystal is comforting as you knead muscles and relieve stiffness.  The stones, or healing hearts can also be used to role out stress in your arms from typing, reducing inflammation and distress from carpel tunnel's or on your legs to reduce swelling.  Your body's natural state is not inflammation: give it the opportunity to return to balance and homeostasis through Himalayan health and healing.
Healing Hearts Himalayan Salt Lamp natural salt lamp Stone Lamp

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