Breathe...Just Breathe...

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Imagine waking up in the morning and taking your first deep breath of the morning feeling as if you've slept on the sand, listening to the ocean and breathing in its healing, rejuvenating air.  Imagine that sense of taking your first steps, in twilight sleep, barely awake, but aware of a deep abiding sense of wholeness and wellness.  Now imagine yourself waking up in your bed.  You move the covers over gently, carefully moving your legs and approaching the floor as you come into a standing position.  You reach your arms over your head and you begin to inhale deeply.  You feel the purity of air as if your room overlooked that beautiful, ever-healing ocean.  You are breathing in the negative ions that are emitted from your Himalayan Salt lamp.  You are enjoying the peace that comes from knowing that a simple purchase has begun to transform your health and your perspective.  Armed with the strength of health, wellness and confidence, you begin your day anew.  All is possible for you now.


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