All Himalayan Salt Vendors are Not Equal

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When the benefits of Himalayan Salt products began to become well-known in the United States, a market of fake products emerged.  A great deal on the web may not necessarily yield a product of quality, let alone a real product.  Real Himalayan Salt products emit a soft, gentle glow, purify the air and offer a host of physical and emotional benefits to its owner.  Sadly, there are many vendors who sell fake products, trying to pass them off as real Himalayan Salt products.  Always seek a vendor who offers ethically-sourced goods.  At Salt Lamp King, our products are ethically-sourced, made from sustainably harvested genuine Himalayan Salt and offer exceptional value.  We use cords that are UL Certified which means you can trust the safety and quality of your Salt Lamps.  We invite our customers to look around because we are confident that you will find that what we offer is the best value you will find.  We believe in our products which is why we offer a generous return policy.  We want our customers to be part of the Salt Lamp King family and to enjoy the extraordinary benefits that come from our line of Himalayan Salt products.

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